In the end it would be more appropriate to say that mobile phones are both a boon and a bane. A mobile phone is a tool of telecommunication where people can communicate with each other via wireless technology. And then his car had been making c had run a profitable buisness. Where possible, to avoid those problems, people should pay more attention to their circumstances to mitigate problems. mobile phone having some advantage and disadvantage. All classes of people use mobile phone. Hereunder is an essay on mobile phone advantages and disadvantages which will discuss the uses of abuses of cell phones in modern life. It is crystal clear that mobile phones have both pros and cons but in spite of their disadvantages, we cannot deny the great necessity and importance of mobile phones in our lives. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Essay on Mobile Phone; Advantages & Disadvantages for Students Mobile phone is a device of communication, it is one of the most easiest and fastest mode of communication. Essay on Mobile. Cell phones should be allowed in the classroom because of the cost, emergencies, and technology preparation for the future 500+ Words Essay … /* India Celebrating_300*250_New */ Today, with the help of a mobile phone we can easily talk or video chat with anyone across the globe by just moving our fingers. Mobile phones could have health and safety consequences when not used appropriately. Instructions: Read these titles, hooks and thesis statements, and select the top five of each, ranked 1 through 5.Type your explanations for your ranking of each based SOLELY upon their applicability to the topic of this essay, which is NOT "cell phone addiction." 2. Mobile phone become an important thing on our daily life. Some of the major advantages are listed below-. There is high risk of accident if you are talking on the mobile phone and driving as you are giving your half attention to the mobile call and are having half attention on the road. Besides, there are hundreds of utilities that could be used to make life easy and entertaining as well. It keeps us updated of the developments around, stay us connected, entertain us, help us find job and opportunities etc. A mobile phone is a device which connects you with people even if you are far away from them. People sometimes speak of the disadvantages of having a mobile phone, but this essay will focus on the advantages of them. Cell phones in school, one of the most wrongfully perceived distractions in school. Alternatively those in support of mobile phones give the argument that mobile phones are indispensable when it comes to business and commerce. They can make you connect with your friends and relatives who live in abroad. Josh Higgins of USA Today once said, “Cell phones cannot prevent the shootings, but they can allow people to get help sooner. Mobile phones have become so popular that many established business groups cannot even think about their marketing strategy without considering mobile phone users. Nevertheless, there is also no denying the fact that a gadget as useful as a mobile phone could sometime be annoying and irritating. But despite all the advantages, mobile phones could sometimes be annoying too. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; Smart phone today have better computing abilities and have many advance functions like – real time video chatting, interactive voice response, document manager, social media, high resolution camera, music player, location finder etc. Any picture could be easily taken and instantly uploaded over social media and other accounts. The transactions have become much convenient with the use of mobile phones, which would rather have required a visit to the bank. Misuse of Mobile Phones Essay Mobile phones are something you will see everywhere today, among children, senior citizens, laborers, workers of every kind. Next in line is social media. Mobile phone are used in business for fast communication with stockbrokers, employes etc .In business a simple matter of communication can mean the difference between a million dollars lost or gained. A mobile phone (also known as a hand phone, cell phone, or cellular telephone) is a small portable radio telephone.. Such unwanted social buffs could be really annoying and some people are known to be trailed so regularly using inappropriate and indecent comments that they had to totally shut down their social media account. mode: 'thumbnails-rr', Abhishek Singh, is a content writer who formerly worked as a Electrical project Engineer. Mobile phones today have become so useful that, they have actually replaced the use of laptops and other bigger gadgets. Today, people send e mails, browsing the internet, manage social media accounts, power point presentations, perform calculations, and much more by using their smart phones. There are a number of advantages of mobile phones and also a good number of disadvantages. You can instantly connected to the person you want to convey an important message or to have a casual chat. Relatives, friends as well as emergency services could be easily and instantly contacted when needed. Besides these disadvantages, mobile phones cause too many expenses, cyberbullying, loss in studies, distance from relatives and many more. This loop hole in privacy has led to unwanted and unexpected marketing calls. Gone were the days when mobile phones were only used for communication purposes. Another abuse of mobile phones includes listening to loud music. It helps us connect with our near and dear ones almost instantly. Mobile phones went viral faster than any other plague in the history of this world. Moreover, there are a number of online free tutorials available for the children and other willing audience. • Some people argue that using cell-phones has dire consequences that result in some social, medical and technical dilemmas. They are a boon when used appropriately and within limits but could be bane when they are used with mala fide intentions. One can listen to music, watch movies or just watch the video of one’s favorite song. I have included quotations and quotes in this essay. The use of mobile phones for various purposes and the accessibility of internet have compromised the privacy of the user. The mobile phone is a product of science which has become very important for us. It is mainly used for voice communication but advancement in the field of communication has provided video calls through smart phones. For daily commuters, mobile phones could be a blessing in disguise. Some descriptions merely create images and the effects. Today, one can check the news, send/receive emails, and manage social accounts, all on mobile phones. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6070398767421094"; Below is a long essay on uses and abuses of mobile phones for college level students. Despite having several advantages, mobile phones also have a few disadvantages. They have an edge over other conventional mobile phones, which are used only for voice communication. ...Chapter1 INTRODUCTION A mobile phone also known as a cellular phone, cell phone and a hand phone is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area. The Mobile Phone Essay 1586 Words7 Pages The Mobile Phone Since the beginning of time, man has been inventing things; demand for technology is sky high and what the public wants, the public gets. Nowadays mobile phones are used for SMS, internet browsing, playing video games, photography, sending emails and a lot more things. It helps us our family and friends to stay connected with the developments in our daily life. Mobile phones have become an essential gadget for every office goer. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});